Women friends…..

Today, while sitting with some women friends, the conversation got around to someone who had a horrible debilitating disease who didn’t want to live under those circumstances and decided to take their own life.  We were discussing its affects spiritually.More...

One friend brought up the usual that I’ve mentioned to you before and that is this: you’ll have to live your lessons for this life over again if you take your own life.  So, isn’t it better to live those lessons now and get it over with rather than having to do it again?  I said it was true but then I reminded her and the others sitting with me that perhaps the lesson for this life for everyone concerned was the fact that someone you loved took their own life, no matter the reasons. 

Each person concerned with that individual, and that means anyone associated with them ever, will learn their own spiritual lessons through the life and death of that person.  You see, we’re all here to learn.  That’s our whole reason for being, no matter the life, no matter the sex, no matter the race or dare I say it, the planet from which you come.  God is universal and we’re all here in spirit and that spirit wants to taste, feel, smell, touch and hear everything in order to learn.  That’s our reason for being. 

Da Juana