Women talk about getting what they want…..

Many women talk about getting what they want.  Some do so by using their wits.  Others use their beauty.  True creation of what you want comes easily to those who have learned that we are spirit filled creatures who are creators of our own destinies and lives and don’t even have to use beauty or wits.More...

By knowing that anything you want comes to you and creating the situation for yourself, you do create your own reality.  You’ve heard me say before that negativity only begets more negativity.  Most of us don’t want to live that way. 

Jesus said, “You are what you say.” 

Descartes said, “I think, therefore I am.” 

Both were right.  When you put thought and emotion together, you are a creator.  Whether that thought and emotion is positive or negative is the story.  Do I sound like I’m preaching again?  Guess I am.  Like a mother hen, I want you to have all you ever wanted and more. 

Even Einstein gave into this theory with equal and opposite reactions.  When you put something out there, it always comes back to you.  Make sure it’s what you want.  Do it with enthusiasm (mental and emotional) and believe.  Dream big.

Da Juana