Not to toot my own horn because I’m a woman, but I think women are grand.  We are the true masters of management and multitasking, especially multitasking.More... 

Not only that but there is something every woman has to possess in order to call herself woman and that’s women’s intuition.  Claude laughingly says that when two women are in a kitchen that the one who isn’t used to the other’s kitchen can find anything immediately anywhere.  He swears it’s because we’re intuitive.  The reason he says this  is because the woman of that particular house can be busy with other items and mention, “It’s over there,” and the visitor goes right to it.  He’s right you know because we women know we’ve all done this even in someone else’s home.

As multitaskers, we are foremost over men.  How many men do you know that could get the kids up for school, start frying eggs, wash a load of clothes, clean the floors, clean the cabinets and put up various items strewn around, while speaking with work on what job is supposed to be done that day and to top it off without burning the eggs, serve them up to husbands and children who’ve just made it downstairs and still have sleep in their eyes.  Am I right?  We women are the queens of multitasking.

With all of the above, don’t you think we’re great at managing too?

Da Juana