Many times I have had people ask me how long I have had my psychic powers? The answer is that I have never had psychic powers but I have always had psychic abilities. In this day and age it is too easy for a person to get the big head thinking that they have something others don’t. The truth is that everyone has this ability but not everyone chooses to use it. And some of those who do don’t use it in the same way I do. 

Power, if you choose to use that word, comes from creating your own reality. That is also something everyone does whether they believe they do or not. We are what we make of ourselves. Thus we are what we think. If you think you can do nothing, you can do nothing. When you think you can do anything, you can. It may take a while but you can. In other words, your words are the true source of you.  

Jesus said in the Bible when you speak from your heart, it is so. And he is so right. When you speak with thought and emotion and put those words out in the universe, they come right back to secure exactly what you said. So always be cognizant of what you say in reference to yourself. 

I remember once, long years ago, when I said I wanted something at all cost. Believe me when I say, it cost me dearly but it took about 17 years to do so. When it happened I remembered my words exactly.  

One of the lessons I tried to teach my daughter was to watch her words. Words are something that can’t be taken back no matter how much you may wish you could. Once said they can either fester on someone’s heart, help someone or help the creator of them by moving their lives on at a quicker pace but they can never be taken back. No truer words can be spoken than the pen is mightier than the sword.  

If you want to change your life, do it now through heartfelt words. 

Da Juana