Yesterday, I had to take our puppy dog, Madeline, to the vet……

Yesterday, I had to take our puppy dog, Madeline, to the vet because she hurt her back in some manner.  Also, her little leg was trembling, the one that was hurt before she came to us.  That has to do with the illness she had.  Every once in a while, if she gets too hot, or has a cramp in that leg, it reverts back to previous days.  Thankfully, not that often.More...

This is the first time that we’ve been to see her vet since Mysti left us.  What’s funny is I’ve been hearing Mysti sing to me since last Friday.  She’s got such a beautiful voice and can sing our song much better than I ever did.  While I was working on other items, I’d hear her start again with Dolly’s song, “I’ll always love you.”  Before you tell me dogs can’t speak our language, let me tell you that I hear them speaking like that.  Spirit translates.  Mysti has the same beautiful voice that Muffin did.

Back to our vet visit though.  When we entered the practice, I told one of the techs that I needed to tell our vet that she didn’t end Mysti’s life.  I didn’t want her worried about doing the humane thing.  Anyway, when we got inside with our vet, I told her just that.  She said, “What?”

I thought because she knew she’d put the needle into her heart that she’d ended her life but in reality that wasn’t so. 

Mysti was sedated because they couldn’t get a vein.  She was so tired of the needles.  I didn’t want her to have to endure more then, so I asked the vet to sedate her.  After her sedation I picked up my baby one last time, sat down beside Claude and Madeline, and told Madeline to turn around and give her sister a good bye kiss because she was about to leave us. 

Madeline moved around so that she could kiss her sister, which is something quite unusual.  Kisses are to be earned by that little girl.  As she kissed Mysti, she and I watched as Mysti left her physical body, flew out of her head and over Madeline’s head.  Madeline watched her leave just as I did.  Her sister had to let her know she was above her one last time. 

As soon as that happened, Madeline turned all the way around in her daddy’s arms just as she’d been before I told her to give her sister a goodbye kiss.  She didn’t want to touch Mysti again. 

Our vet had told her tech that Mysti was gone before she came back in to finish the bodily job by lethal injection.  That’s what she was exclaiming about, not because she knows how this was supposed to work.  She just knew Mysti didn’t wait on the last call. 

Isn’t it funny how people touching one another is a spiritual experience?

Da Juana