Yesterday was my birthday.

Yesterday was my birthday. And, as expected, I partied last night with friends. Although it’s a time for celebration of life, and believe me, every day is a special day especially when you have lived long enough to have grandchildren, it’s also a time of reflection.

My daughter had to remind me the other day that I get antsy around my birthday, which is spent like my friend, Connie, in celebration of the whole month. But Connie does start about two months earlier though because she wants to make sure that everyone rejoices with her. (See she’s creating her best life.) Generally, she enlightens others by admitting that her birthday is coming along with mine and then she lets them know that I’m the older birthday girl. She’s sweet like that.

But back to birthdays and reflections. Sort of like changing smoke detector batteries, make your birthday the time to start over if needed. It’s a time of thinking your life over and deciding what you want in your life and what you don’t. If you haven’t been able to create your best life by now, then take the time to renew it on your birthday.

After reassessing your life, choose how best to proceed. Make the most of your time here on earth by being as productive as you’d like. Sometimes it means changing living arrangements or careers but whatever it is make yourself happy. Because, and this is one huge because, if you’re not happy it’s your fault. And please don’t write me to say it’s your circumstances or luck. Both are created by you.

After this uplifting message, I would like to say, “Enjoy your life and birthday.”

Da Juana

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