Your name gives you the characteristics in which you’ll have challenges and rewards in life.

Your name gives you the characteristics in which you’ll have challenges and rewards in life.

That’s why, for a parent, creating a name for a pet or loved one of any stature is one which should be carefully and logically thought through. And then, it’s all out the window because your child, whatever or whoever that may be, will intuitively give you the name he or she needs. Then you can happily, knowing you’ve done well, install it on whatever papers they may need.

So, don’t get perturbed with Beyonce for the name she just gave her new family member nor to any other parent because truly the child is the cause.

On another note, I got this very good email question this morning. My thoughts are that you’d like to hear the answer as well as the sender. Here’s the unedited email.

“Hi Da Juana Byrd, I really appreciate your site. I’ve always known that letters in a name has its own vibration. I’ve always mainly focused on the first two letters because I felt those were the strongest. A question I have or maybe just a statement is that I noticed that I seem to not really get along with people who’s name begins with Br. Like Brian, Brandon, etc. I also do not connect well with people who’s name begins with G. Have you noticed stuff like that yourself?




And you’re right, the first letter of the first name is the strongest with the next letter following closely behind, no pun intended. Then you look to see if there’s double letters in the name or if the whole name has them.


Again you’re right that just as with horoscope signs there are certain letters that individuals don’t function well around. See, I used function instead of another less sweet word but one that aptly describes how you might feel around that sign or letter.

Nothing is done by accident. This life presents challenges such as you might have with a “Brian or Brandon, etc.” Try to think what that challenge means to you so that you can advance your spiritual status. That doesn’t mean you have to live with them. It only means that you understand why you feel the way you do. Look your whole situation over because just when you think you’ve got it right, the universe will throw a curve ball.

Hope this helps.

Da Juana

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