You’re missed Keshawn!

Keshawn Johnson is a football player that I told Claude would come to the Cowboys after leaving a Florida team for what they perceived as bad behavior. When I told Claude that the Cowboys would pick him up and that he would do wonders here, Claude was cautious but knew I had given him good info before on such things.

You see, although I like to play some sports, I don’t generally like to watch them but I try now especially since Claude has eyesight problems. And that’s another thing. Even though he can’t see very well, he can tell me when I am wrong about a play after hearing the announcers and then asking me what happened. But you do things for love that you would never do on your own. So I watch football.

Now I am upset that the powers that be got rid of Keshawn and decided to get another hotdog who from what I can tell has learned nothing from former teams and mates. Hopefully he takes to heart those times and reforms here in Dallas or rather Irving for the moment. I won’t say that I won’t watch the Cowboys again because I probably will but……seems to me that when you have someone like Keshawn who has made the team look better and who really tried that you wouldn’t just drop him.

Keshawn, I wish you luck at whatever endeavor and I hear it’s the Panthers now. You have made me like that team even more. I might be a Cowboy watcher now but with you in Carolina, they just might become my favorite team or at least my next favorite and I don’t know who I will pull for when the two teams play. You deserved better than this.

Da Juana