YouTube posts by me, Da Juana Byrd, Psychic and Medium, on death and it’s impact on both the living and the dead.

If you’re interested in what happens around death and what this psychic and medium see, then go to YouTube at these locations to get my thoughts and what I’ve experienced.

Please give me your input on what you’d like to see me explain from my expertise in videos. Always the psychic and medium spiritualistic teacher, my desire is to help you in your spiritual endeavors. As always you know I’ll mention that when you listen to me you should use what you need and toss the rest. God will tell you what’s right for you.


Da Juana

PS. These are the links to my YouTube channel. Learn and enjoy.


From psychic and medium, Da Juana Byrd, learn how pets greet death and where they go after leaving this world.

Discussing Death and Pets


What happens on or around a person’s deathbed? Find out from Psychic and Medium Da Juana Byrd.

Discussing Deathbed visits


Da Juana gives her interpretation of dying violently, its impact on everyone from the dying person to those left behind and how they can live with this occurrence.

Discussing dying violently

Discussing dying normally

This video discusses Da Juana’s views on dying normally, what happens with those that are at death’s door and how those of us who are still alive function with death. She speaks of loved ones both on this side and the Other Side and their role in someone’s passing.


Da Juana introduces her new series of videos created to help viewers understand spiritual activities, this one being about birth and death. These videos answer questions Da Juana is asked daily.